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land of the what?

cliche cliche, this i know! however, the title fits the link:

closing for work was... get ready for this bitch, f u n . i mean, with anferny and varia, how could it not be, right?
varia and i made up this whole nerdfest thing, the berlin corral. weve got a secret handshake and everything! then we drew pictures of stick figures hanging themselves, with the phrase "i love work" as its theme.
oh, and another thing, we had a music discussion and i was all like, 'so, do you like david bowie?' and she was all like, 'ewww, no.' and i was like 'bitch u fink ur slik?' AND then, later that day, changes came on and i was like, 'u herr diz zong ho?' and she was like, 'yeah.' and i was like, 'thats the bowie dude. do you like it?' and she was like, 'really? oh my god, shut up. i do!' and then she asked me to burn my cd of his for her.
and i told her id get on that shit when i could.

my feetsies are in agony! shinnsys had better appriecate the shit i go through for her ho ass. 10 1/2 hours i put in for that ho.
im so stoked! the shinnsanator, here in the DTX-O! i hope she finds the idea of hanging out and listening to music anarhcistic and fun. cause uh, thats all i do. or thats all i use to do! now im some ho ass zobie to the man!

djsa'ofkjdsa oph poja oh snap! i drink as much dr pepper as i want to at work, and its all free! bhahaha oh my god, i was on such a cafeine high at work, it happened twice. varia and i would sing around the customers and get some craysee azz looks and wed be like 'wut? wut?' only not so much. and after we closed, we told jokes on the intercome and i kept on singing new york, new york

oh my god, im totally boring you, arent i? im sorry. i shall leave with this in mind, imgetting up at 6 am to do a bit of homework and talk to my little rachel.
alright, you caugt me, im getting up at 6 to hit on my little rachel, and thats it.
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