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ground control to major tom

ashaxander and the horribly terrible, no good, very bad day.
thats probalby very, very wrong. however, it has been a very, very long time since ive read that book. im sick! give me pity! i feel horribly miserable. i want to go back to bed, but i had quite a few topis of discussion to converse over, but now rachel is missing and all i wanted to do was send her a love song. is that so much to ask?!
but back to me me me. my throooat is destroying my will to live. i get my first pay check today, but all i feel like doing is lying in a cozy little dark room with a billion blankets and having some movie lull me to sleep. that sounds so good right now.
i still havent bought any school supplies.
tell my wife i love her very much. she knows.
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