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i never figured rachel for a child of satanic archery.

oh my god, i feel much more sick than i have felt all day! its from too much anarchy, as you may see on shinnsys lj. i like hanigng out with shinnsys, shes a QT!121!!! but let me get one thing straight, and one thing only, she told me taht if i kissed her, rachel would suddenly just, you know... be birthed... out of her ass. i didnt buy it at first, but then i got desperate and did it, despite my better judgement.
im still waiting for my little rachel.

oh gahd, im tired! but i just remembered that fucking ap stats shit i need to do. maybe, instead of telling the kids around me (all two of them) that i hate life in study skills, maybe i should, i dont knwo, actaully do work.

jpft;lekastjpfttt! im pulling your legs guys, come on. would i ever do my work? ever? hell no.
and thats why im gonna get to go to highschool for another year!

in other news, i have discovered that my art/paint abilities have gone down hill. do i blame myself? no, no i dont. i blame the alcohol, drugs, cash money hoz, this apple core thats been in this giant glass jar for two days perched next to me...(i was going to preserve it like a brain, right? but then i realized that i didnt have any preservatives! silly me!) skiba. but most of all, i blame rachel. rachel rachel rachel, lets see how many more fucking times i can fuckign say her goddman name. rachel.

i have brought you pictures for your amusment.

those two pictures bring me much joy.
but not as much joy as a young little rachel giving that ole englsih bakwards peace sign, not as bad as the middle finger, solute thing.

pfuckins: rahcel, never send me anything from the streets ever again. please.

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