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i never figured rachel for a child of satanic archery.

oh my god, i feel much more sick than i have felt all day! its from too much anarchy, as you may see on shinnsys lj. i like hanigng out with shinnsys, shes a QT!121!!! but let me get one thing straight, and one thing only, she told me taht if i kissed her, rachel would suddenly just, you know... be birthed... out of her ass. i didnt buy it at first, but then i got desperate and did it, despite my better judgement.
im still waiting for my little rachel.

oh gahd, im tired! but i just remembered that fucking ap stats shit i need to do. maybe, instead of telling the kids around me (all two of them) that i hate life in study skills, maybe i should, i dont knwo, actaully do work.

jpft;lekastjpfttt! im pulling your legs guys, come on. would i ever do my work? ever? hell no.
and thats why im gonna get to go to highschool for another year!

in other news, i have discovered that my art/paint abilities have gone down hill. do i blame myself? no, no i dont. i blame the alcohol, drugs, cash money hoz, this apple core thats been in this giant glass jar for two days perched next to me...(i was going to preserve it like a brain, right? but then i realized that i didnt have any preservatives! silly me!) skiba. but most of all, i blame rachel. rachel rachel rachel, lets see how many more fucking times i can fuckign say her goddman name. rachel.

i have brought you pictures for your amusment.

those two pictures bring me much joy.
but not as much joy as a young little rachel giving that ole englsih bakwards peace sign, not as bad as the middle finger, solute thing.

pfuckins: rahcel, never send me anything from the streets ever again. please.

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I'll kill that goddamn whore!

I think you could have worked my name in a few more times there, failure.

That was girl power! That's what we do! We... make girl bands at the age of 8 or 9 and just walk around doing that. Oh god. Is that nerdy enough?
please do! she kept on calling my earings ugly! i never wear earings, but today i did, out of the blue, and they jsut so happened to be my second favorite pari...

i totally could have and will do so in your ..leave. oh dear woe!

well, my vagina is more active then normal... yes. yes i think so.

I made your icon,

If you think it sucks then spank me with Fat Mike's rolled up birth certificate and we'll say no more about it. I'm gonna go make close up icons of Bowie's bulge and mullet now, show you later.
you never make me icons.

thanks. now i'm heartbroken.
oh god, the platnium mulite with light blue streaks, dear god!
DUDE the icon is beautiful! uh, is there anywya you can link it to me? i cant save it as a jpeg and that ho azz lj thing wont accept bmps...
mulite, mullet, same thing...
cash money hoz?

you make me proud.
thanks man.i try, ya know?