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because i married my sister...

oh god, im still ill.
;dshfa;fh i love making that reference. but seriously, its true. this morning, when i woke up at kcs, my lungs hurt so bad. i mean, this past week, theyve been givng me trouble, but damn jeana, this sucked. now i cant stop coughing and ive got a fever again. oh lord, im finally giving in and am going to a doctors.
fuckin doctors, what the fuck do they know?
dklsfh;ahahah, ive grown so apathetic towards customers at work now. i use to be like...overly mannered and attentative and the way all these rude as fuck consumer whores use to treat me really use to upset me. now? ;dosakhfhaha oh my god, i think that if i saw me, i would die laughing. i think i used the word 'sir' once today. maybe twice. i dont even look at them anymore, theyre all teh same. and i stuck my fingers in so many drinks,towards teh end of my nine hour shift people jsut kept on getting meaner and meaner and meaner.
im beat, smell ya fuckin later.
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