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i can sell my body if i wanna, god you knows you already sold your mind.

im on a girl band kick, and its taking over my infected brain. not that im complaining. all im trying to say is i love girls. thats all.
on a tangent to taht, dont need you by bk is...i guess youd call it a theme song? i love it. i love the defiance of it. oh man, it sends the shivers up the spine.

today, in ad des, i had a heart attack. i was making my bk icon, right? and anna asks me, out of the blue, if ive seen the heathers.
dsa;ljfasddskaj;fjads ;adsoihf damn yeha i have! that is so rad, shes the first person, asides from emily, that has seen it, and loves it as much as i do! damn yeah motherfuckers.

so, im a bit worried about this ani difranco concert, and the possiblilty of not going. im tyring to grasp on to some sort of positive aspect... i guess that means i wont have to pay 118 dollars for a bus ticket to new orleans. d;salkjfasd;;oidasfh ;adsjk i really dont think i want to go by myself.

i also did my two reviews for my school newspaper. i probalby should have read cd reviews before hand, but i got really lazy. anywyas, record hop, of course kicked ass, and the futrue sound track for america comp was pretty rad too. its how i heard my first sleater kinney song, so i am turly indebted to it.
i also let anna listen to that sk song, and then to some bk, and she liked them! she liked the sk more, and i can see why. (Shes into more melodic tunes) and she really likes the trio!
see what happens when kcs not at school? im forced to talk to people. i guess im pretty ok with that today.
speaking of frineds of hte flesh, i drove today, and tried to hangout with shinnsys, but she spat in my eye, told me she had college freinds to hang outiwth, and kicked my liver. she actaully took oyt my liver and then kciked it.
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