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keep fishin if you feel it too

oh, what is there to say? nothing. nohting at all.
life is annoying.
lack of sleep, long boring day at work equals bleak outlook on my pathetic, go nowhere life.
its when yorue down that all those things that your parents tell you really start to grab a hold of your mind, and you start to believe. i hope my mom doenst come home soon. taht would suck so bad right now. more so than usual.
i should be doing homework. what is my problem?
tuesday, varia and i arragned a little golden corral get together at chinatown buffet. (best chinese food ever) anferny and lauri are coming too. thats something to look forward to, right? and then theres my check tomorrow. thats cool.
i, ofcourse, plan on taking my loveface out for a romantic little rondayvoo (like how i spelt that?) at a pleasent little palce i like to call 'adult hardcore xxx hot girly girl on girl p[censored]y club.'
danzig will be softly playing in the background...
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