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outta me

prove to you that i have brains

grimly ashley
22 June
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Marriage is love.
80's music, 80s movies, ac/dc, against me!, alan cummings, aliens, alkaline trio, all, all-o-gistics, allnarchy, allroy, allstarbek, allular, anarchy (obviously), ani difranco, apocalypse hoboken, art, asian man records, atom and his package, barn burning, bass, bekah, bikini kill, blood brothers, blue meanies, bouncing souls, boys in eyeliner, boys who like boys, brainiac, built to spill, burritos, caffiene, camp manning, cannibalism, civil war reenactments, coffee, coffins, concerts, cornpoo, crappy horror films, crappy teen movies, creative writing, cursive, dag nasty, dan andriano, dans bald head, danzig, dave chapell, david bowie, david cross, dead milkmen, dead/alive, death, denton, depeche mode dead kennedys, derek grant, descendents, dillinger four, donnie darko, drawing, drawling, duluth, edgar allan poe, emma goldman, failing classes, fry street, ghosts, girls who like girls, hating everyband you like, horror, horror films, hot water music, human rights, impeaching bush, impeaching jesus, jack black, jello biafra, jets to brazil, jigsaw youth, john steinbeck, johnny depp's eyeliner, karl alvarez, kathleen hanna, making fun of emo, making fun of myself, manic hispanic, mashed potatoes, matt skiba, melt banana, mercyful fate, mexican food, milo aukerman, milo going to college, misfits, misspelling words, mitch clem's livejournal, monsters, mr. manning, music, my right arm, my whole, my whole best friend, new wave, nothing nice to say, old less than jake, piercings, pretending i’m gothic, psychedelic furs, punk, punk rock, quitting my job, rgrs, richard brautigan, ridiculing blue, riot grrl, riverboat gamblers, rocket from the crypt, rocky horror, sarcasm, seasick records, sigmund freud, simpsons, ska, skeletons, sketching, songwriting, south park, star wars, stiff little fingers, submarine warfare, tattoos, tex-mex food, the aquabats!, the blood brothers, the bouncing souls, the clash, the damned, the faint, the silver bullet, the twins, triple rock social club, twisted fucking sister, ufo's, wasting away my life, writing, zombies