grimly ashley (thedeadlive) wrote,
grimly ashley

lactose free

so, i was sitting around on the internet and got to thinking about my vegan quesadilla i had jsut ate, and then i got to thinking about peanut butter, and then i got to wondering what peanut butter on a tortilla would taste like. not too shabby kids. i like to call it the peanutbutterdilla.

shinnsys in denton right now as we speak! i helped her move her shit up the stairs, then i wateched her unpack things, hassled her about not putting her posters up stiraght, and touched various items that she had to reapeatedly tell me to not touch, but, all in all, i think im gonna like living in ashleys dorm.

and now i ahve to get ready for work. kill me.
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