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excuse me for being jealous

EVERYBODYS LIVIN IT UP!! kdfa;sjfl ahhhhhh!!! everybodys got their little stories to tell, and whta the fuck do i got? brown mucus! thats fucking what! ahdas;kjlfah asd; hdsf;ai hate life.

Lea (tgob):

TgObM: Well, I was super nervous this morning and I didn't know what to wear... I ended up wearing baggy pale green ripped pants and a gray shirt that said "vermont" in pale purple letters. So I get to school, and I don't know anyone so I'm all like ... "alright" so I go in to my first class and everyone's dead silent all uptight sighting at their desks. So I'm like... "yeah whatever"... i start drawing in my agenda. class let out early so I walked around with my friend Charlotte whom i met up with right after that class... we walked around then went to gym class. I'm taking skating this session. Then when that let out early we walked around the school getting our berrings... went to the library like 5 times. haha. Had lunch blablabla.
TgObM: at 3:30 I had astronomy. i met 2 guys and a girl who are all taking drama. they were cool and funny and found me entertaining. Then I took the subway home and chatted with the girl who'd been sitting next
TgObM: to me in astronomy a couple seats away.
TgObM: She was a hot goth girl who hated astronomy haha
TgObM: the end

Then theres shinnsys, the college student thats too college for me:

"Last night I hung out with Brad [bugtilaheh] and my roommate and two of her friends and we went basically to this lesbian bar except we spent time drinking before we went in and I drank 5 bottles of Bud Light [ewwwww] in some short amount of time, I'm not sure which, and somehow that kept me drunk for a good amount of a time period. That's weird, it wasn't even that much alcohol. But I actually 'danced' in the club/bar...probably not well because nobody danced with me besides Brad and my roomie...I kept on going up to girls though. There were some hot ones. There was this girl in this white and green dress that for some reason reminded me of Kathleen Hanna and I told her that and all she did was thanked me. I wanted her *whine*."

then theres Julia, fucking aksljdf;asd h;a gbvds;ofaok j germany ill kill germany! tahts right, i said it! i jsut spoke the one most blasphemal thing i could think of, im sda;ofij so sda;lk a; jeoslouys asd;lfkj asdf;lkjas sd;lk jedeath.:
" i had a grand day today..we went to a wine stuff...and tomorrow shall be grand as welll...we are going to a market and a castle...well...MUAH...keep me updated...."

then theres rachelwhos living it up with her pixies and theri fairy drinks and her phsycedelic fur coats and her guns and diamons and shampoo and what ever teh fuck else i rambled about, the point is shes too busy for me.

im not sure what teh fuck evies doing, but im sure its a fucking loit more fun then whatever the fuck im ( not ) doing, and katie jsut got back from america, and im not sure if that counts or not, but im fuckin gonna say it fuckin does cause thats the sort of mood im in and fuckin twins out there, in mn, fuckin partying with the old people and their nakid asses and kcs whos out there dajs;lfkasdf;kja ;b oyutr sad;jlkf boyfriend ad;kfjads foisaj s afskhf fun and tahdsa';klsdaj fdsa;oi dsa aiojh aijfas ahhhhhhhhh!!ka ;kdjfas

at first this was suppose to be one of thos joke entries, but now ive really managed to piss myself off! aha;sdklfa oh the irony!
i dotn know whether i wanna cry or scream or scream and cry and beat my walls and cry out 'why oh crulest world why?!' and tear off the curtains from my windows and wrap msyelf in them and lay there to let teh sickness take over the remainder of my lungs and truly do me in. for what is life? nothign but woe woe woe agony!

goodbye cruel world, adieu adieu adieu!

yeah so, im gonna go make some vegetable soup and keep on listening to david bowie and then go back to bed.

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