grimly ashley (thedeadlive) wrote,
grimly ashley

so she too out a knife and said off with my head

youve got poison in your ear.

i think ive found a new obsession. you know, i hope this isnt going to be one of those times when i hear a REALLY kick ass song by a girl band and then cant find their fucking cd ANYWERE. i.e. discount, ballgagger... im sure theres more. fucking interpunk, that still fucking pisses me off. BITCHES I STILL WANT MY BALLGAGGER CD!! (if i knew how to make the font fuckin huge, i would have.) give it to me. fucking now! that song was so good... detroit. if you can, download it. and take out a knife and dont need proof that i exist.
im gonna go research this sleater kinney band. and request seasick (my favorite record shop) to get it for me. somehow.

sing me something good this time.
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