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you dont know me - but ya owe me.

money, taht is. give it to me. i need it more than you! oh record player, youll soon be mine. and by soon i mean, ...unsoon. yes, unsoon.

yeah so, muhrizzuh called me today. good times, you bitches, you dont even know what the fuck is going to hit you when we fucking release our ...secret project out on your sorry asses!
dudes, it was so sad, shes got all these stories, like that one hitch hiking to sacremento (or was it sarcremento?) with her 35 year old friend/bum and meeting and hanging out with kevin seconds on the alst his coffee shop was opened, or getting kicked in teh back by kkk members, disguised as cops, with spikes on the heels of their boots, and then getting up, bleeding form her spinal chords, spitting in their eyes and then doing a line of cocaine off of theri skinned scalps.
where as i was like, dude, check this out. - once i helped emily sneak into a 17 and up show. cuase, you konw, that ho is ONLY 16. (she used her school idea, they never suspected that a senoir could be so young. ha! jokes on them!)
eventually, all good things must end, and my mom made me get off. i thoguht we had talked for like 45 mins at the most, but daaammn jeana, try an hour and a half! i hope she gets good national rates...or im gonna like... feel grizzly inside.

im tired. fuck you hoz, im going to bed.

p.s. i messed around with my xanga tonight, i think taht you sir (rachel) should go read it. if you dont have the link... then you suck, mr buttfuck. and will jsut have to wait.

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